Climate Realty LLC will prepare a full Risk and Readiness (RnR) reports specific to your community or household. Upon request, assessments may include recommendations and resources to reduce carbon emissions and increase climate change preparedness. We tailor our reports to specifically address your questions, needs and preferences. Our assessments are scaled from the regional level to your home address.


Homebuyers: We help you conduct your due diligence before making what may be the biggest investment of your life. You consider many factors before choosing a community, neighborhood and home to purchase. Factors typically include family, economic and job options, proximity to services, community amenities and affordability. You will likely hire a home inspector to determine the suitability of a new residence and uncover any potential surprises. We recommend you do the same regarding the multiple dimensions of climate change risk and readiness.  Buying a home is a long-term commitment and an important financial investment. We will help you consider ten factors through 2050, or roughly the term of a 30-year mortgage.

Investors: According to Yale University’s Six Americas Report, less than 20 percent of Americans factor the stark reality of accelerating climate change into their most important life decisions and actions. That would explain why there continues to be a net migration of Americans into harm’s way, such as the lowlands of southern Florida or the desert regions of Arizona where scientists predict an unprecedented mega-drought this century. Whereas some homebuyers, such as retirees, consciously choose to accept medium-term risk, climate reality has not yet broken into the real estate marketplace in a meaningful way. We’ll help you understand this market failure and make informed investment decisions.  Caveat: Our expertise is climate science and the 10 factors of risk and resilience. We are not experts in a myriad of other market factors that influence real estate prices. Therefore, at this time our company does not recommend specific properties but rather provides more general guidance and site-specific climate-smart assessments.

Community Leaders: Our community-level report will guide you through an initial risk assessment based on ten RnR factors and help you develop a public process to draft an adaptation plan and implementation schedule that will strengthen community resiliency into the future.  While Climate Realty does not facilitate community-level planning and public engagement, we can put you in touch with people who do.


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