Concerned and activeClimate Realty, LLC, is a Montana-based company whose mission is to empower Americans to make wise decisions for the future of their families and the planet.

We assist citizens and communities to prepare for the rising tide of climate disruption while reducing climate pollution. We educate and consult with homeowners, investors, and real estate professionals, providing climate change risk and readiness assessments for any community, neighborhood or household in the United States.

We are committed to helping society avoid worst-case scenarios for global climate change. This will require active engagement of Americans and application of the can-do spirit that has helped make the United States the most powerful and economically vibrant nation in the world.

The risks of accelerating climate change are personal, local and now. Climate disruption has financial implications for the biggest investment most Americans will ever make, which is their home. But readiness and long-term solutions start at home, too.

Our focus is your home. Contact us and we'll help you get climate ready.