Climate Smart Places now ... and in 2050 - We live in an era of accelerating climate disruption, and most places in the U.S. are not prepared. We offer a rigorous methodology to help your family make wise decisions about where to live and how to make your place more resilient wherever you live. Learn about our approach and contact us before you sign a 30-year mortgage.


Is your community ready for climate change? If so, you’re fortunate. Some U.S. communities are looking forward and finding creative solutions to the challenge of a changing climate and weirder weather. But the National Climate Assessment reports that “current implementation efforts are insufficient to avoid negative consequences” of climate change. Read more ....

What’s a climate smart home worth? We track five trends that indicate a tipping point is near, boosting real estate values for homes best suited to avoid climate disruptions.  By 2020, we expect market demand will reward homeowners who invest in low-risk locations, energy-efficient homes, walkable neighborhoods, and resilient communities. Read more...

Global Change, Local Impacts - Our instructors deliver continuing education to real estate professionals. We provide the data and tools to help you understand climate change risk and readiness where you live. Click for details...

Our mission is to empower Americans to make wise decisions for the future of their families and the planet. We assist citizens and communities to prepare for the rising tide of climate disruption while reducing climate pollution. The risks of climate change are personal and close to home. But readiness and long-term solutions start at home, too. Our focus is your home, the safety of your family, and the security of your financial investment.

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About Us

Climate.Place is the home of Climate Realty LLC. We apply the natural and social sciences along with hands-on experience to help you understand how climate change affects your place and how you can improve your readiness in a climate smart home.  Read more….….


 We help you make prudent decisions for your family, your investments, and the Earth.

(The Climate Realty advisory team, top left clockwise: Steven Running, Laurie Yung, Steve Loken, Brett Rosenberg, Steve Thompson, Eric Salathe)